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Learning About My World

Learning about my World
Studies and teachings of Piaget, Erickson, and Vigotsky, and others have taught us the importance of play in early childhood development. Children learn about the world through their experiences and interests. A child is more likely to retain information if the experience is positive. Studies have also shown that children are more receptive and communicable when stimulated with the appropriate information at their particular level of development. These philosophies constitute the foundation of the GDLC curriculum program. The “Learning About My World” Curriculum Program is aimed directly at structuring the process of individualized learning to meet the needs of each unique child. Each classroom contains learning centers to help develop necessary skills fitting that particular subject or skill. In the pre-school and transition classrooms, this includes:

• Language/Books
• Dramatic Play/Housekeeping
• Sensory/Water/Sand
• Construction/Blocks
• Manipulatives/Math
• Writing/Phonics
• Art/Creativity
• Computer
• Woodworking/Constructing
• Science
• Outdoor/Gross motor

The infant and toddler rooms are arranged to enable sensory exploration. These rooms are equipped with basic learning centers as stated above, that are more appropriate for their age and level. Primarily, these rooms will be focused on the images and textures of the world around them to promote communication and vocabulary skills, social-emotional skills, and problem solving.